As the world moves towards electric vehicles, battery life, capacity, and charging speed will need to improve to drive wider adoption

Why we are unique?

Strong Corporate and Financial Backing

Our operation are backed by a robust corporate structure and financial support, ensuring long-term stability and investment in future advancements.

Access to Raw Materials

Located in Canada, a nation rich in essential raw materials like nickel, iron, alumium, graphite, and lithium, we enjoy a strategic advantage in securing a consistent supply of critical components for battery production.

Technical and Manufacturing Expertise

What sets us apart is our team of dedicated scientists and engineers, along with NanoXplore’s unparalleled technical expertise in the battery materials sector. This unique synergy allows us to lead in innovation and quality.

Integrated Supply Chain

Our seamless supply chain management guarantees efficiency and reliability, streamlining our operation from raw materials to finished battery cells.

Meet the Team

Soroush Nazarpour

Soroush Nazarpour

President & CEO

▪ President and CEO of NanoXplore since 2011
▪ Expert in field of graphene
▪ PhD in Nanotechnology from the University of Barcelona

Benoît Gascon

Benoît Gascon

Directeur/Director VoltaXplore

▪ Former President and CEO of Mason Graphite
▪ Former SVP Sales and Business Development at Imerys Graphite & Carbon
▪ Former Senior Manager at PwC

Nicolas Veilleux

Nicolas Veilleux

Directeur Automatisation et Construction/Director Automation and Construction

▪ Joined VoltaXplore in 2023
▪ Former Sr. Manager, Cell Controls Engineering at Tesla
▪ Master’s degree in Microelectronics/Biomedical Instrumentation from Polytechnique Montreal

Mohsen Badv

Mohsen Badv

Directeur des Technologie de Batteries/Director Battery Technology

▪ Joined NanoXplore in 2014
▪ Director of battery technology since November 2020
▪ Master’s degree in Engineering from the University of Ottawa

Nima Moghimian

Nima Moghimian

Expert-Conceil de NanoXplore/Consultant from NanoXplore

▪ Joined NanoXplore in 2015
▪ Global Director of R&D since June 2019
▪ PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Victoria

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