As the world moves towards electric vehicles, battery life, capacity, and charging speed will need to improve to drive wider adoption

Why we are unique?

Strong Corporate and Financial Backing

We are born from the joint venture of NanoXplore Inc. and Martinrea International Inc., two publicly listed companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange

Access to Raw Materials

We are located in Canada, a country with an abundance of raw materials used in battery production such as Nickel, Iron, Aluminum, Graphite, and Lithium.

Technical and Manufacturing Expertise

Our team of scientists along with the technical expertise of NanoXplore in the battery material space sets us apart from the competition. In addition, Martinrea’s manufacturing expertise assists us in meeting our production milestones.

Integrated Supply Chain

Along with NanoXplore, we cover the entire supply chain, from mine to finished batteries for the electrification of transport.

Meet the Team

Soroush Nazarpour

Soroush Nazarpour

President & CEO

With a Ph.D in Nanotechnology from the University of Barcelona, Soroush is a serial entrepreneur and the President and CEO of VoltaXplore since inception and sits on its board of directors. He is also the President and CEO of NanoXplore since 2011. He is an acknowledged expert in the field of graphene and co-author of “Graphene Technology From Laboratory to Fabrication” published by Wiley & Co in 2016.

Pat D'Eramo

Pat D'Eramo

Chairman of the Board

Pat is the chairman of the board of VoltaXplore and is currently the President and CEO of Martinrea International. Pat has had a long and successful career in the automotive business, with extensive metalforming and parts manufacturing experience. Prior to joining Martinrea, Pat held several roles in automotive industry, including President of Dana Corporation’s Commercial Vehicle Technology group and Vice President of manufacturing for Toyota.

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