18650 Li-ion batteries

Over the past two decades lithium-ion batteries have become the primary technology powering the rapid growth of portable electronics and more recently electric vehicles. However, current battery chemistries have hit a plateau in performance improvements and are unable to meet consumer demand for ever increasing range, power, and cycling stability.

To help us better embrace our electric future, in collaboration with NanoXplore, we have developed one of the highest energy density 18650 cylindrical lithium-ion cells in the world – one that provides longer run time than traditional cell chemistries.

Our team of scientists, technologists, and engineers has successfully achieved up to 750 watt-hour per liter (Wh/L) capacity in 18650 cells that provides compelling benefits for virtually any application – from consumer electronics to electric vehicles and military applications. 

Our batteries have demonstrated improved capacity, charging speed, safety and low temperature performance. We work with our partners and customers to design batteries that meet their needs and we are capable of modifying our recipe and battery design to achieve their unique requirements.