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Our ambition is to build the next generation of Li-ion batteries and energy storage systems to help the world transition to a sustainable future 

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21700 Cylindrical Li-ion battery cells with elevated capacity, safety, and charging speed

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Connecting material science and nanotechnology to future battery technology 

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We can produce a wide range of batteries from high power to high energy density

Discharge capacity

Benefiting from NanoXplore’s technology in stablizing Silicon in anode materials, we are capable of reaching close to 5.2Ah in 21700 cylindrical cells, making our batteries one of the best solutions on the market 


In our 1 MWh battery cell production facility in west of Montreal, we are producing batteries for different segments of the market, from military applications to transportation. 

Electric Vehicles

With a particular interest on electrification of transportation, we are currently focused on batteries for commercial vehicles and large transportation systems

Standard form

We currently produce 21700 cylindrical cells which is a standard form factor in the battery market and enables users to replace batteries without changing the battery packs and modules 

Future growth

We are currently producing batteries with liquid electrolyte and are also developing technologies and knowhow on solid-state batteries

What Makes Us Different?

– Strong Corporate and Financial Backing

– Technical and Manufacturing Expertise

– Access to Raw Materials

– Integrated Supply Chain