Bridging the gap to a sustainable future

With a high energy density Li-ion battery cell

Heavy Commercial Vehicles

Major technological advancements and recent policy support are improving the outlook for electric vehicles in the global heavy-duty truck segment. We are at the forefront of this transition using our Graphene-Silicon anode 18650 Li-ion battery cells.

High energy density, lightweighting, and extended working temperature are some of the capabilities our batteries have that are of interest to our partners in this market.


Soldiers on patrol carry several pounds of lithium ion batteries, often the second heaviest category of equipment. Our batteries significantly improve the performance and run time of military electronics and equipment.

Improved run time on soldiers’ equipment and reduced battery pack weight are some of the key benefits of our batteries. These batteries normally represent a very high discharge capacity with a few hundred cycles life time.

Grid Storage

With the market for alternative energy systems such as solar and wind booming across the world, connecting energy storage systems to these projects can significantly improve the stability of electric power grid.

VoltaXplore can produce graphene enhanced anode Li ion battery cells with long cycle life and high safety.